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Alright what up folks! Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg dive in to some hot topics. First on the board Jamie Foxx has a woman recently accused him of sexually assaulting her 16 years ago at a party. Jamie denied the allegations, but we will say Jamie was pretty wild in those days. Remember when he went on stage naked at the BET awards and was only wearing A SOCK. If you can guess where that one sock was located you get a Dude Thats Not What I Meant T-Shirt. Robert aka Bobby De Niro was at the Tony's award recently. Before bringing Bruce Springsteen up on stage to accept his award, Bobby saw this as the best time to say, " Fuck Trump". Of course the President heard about this and had to respond... Because you know. He's the President and thats what you do. Lastly but not least please send all prays and wishes to Rodescu Hopkins @rodescuhopkins. His Cavaliers lost in the NBA Finals to The Golden State Warriors. Word around Chicago is as soon as the Warriors won Rodescu threw chicken wings at some random people and ran out into the street. We're glad to see him back on the podcast but please keep a eye on him. ENJOY!


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Adrienne Brandyburg

Adrienne Brandyburg is a Chicago-based writer/actor/producer/painter/comedian. Her credits include:

Co-producing B.A.P.S. Comedy a monthly variety show that celebrates and empowers women of color.

 Performed at various venues including iO, Laugh Factory, Zanies and Steppenwolf and other.

Showcased for TruTv Laff Mobb Laff Tracks

Adrienne is an alumni of The Second City Conservatory program.

She's appeared in a few shorts including , Water with Lemon  , Bay for Blood Autumn Daze, and Suckers Garden.

Adrienne uses her life stories and odd observations to keep the people laughing.

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Rodescu Hopkins is a Chicago-based comedian/actor/producer/writer/and filmmaker. Starting out in his hometown Cleveland, Ohio Rodescu has taken the mid-west by storm. Running one of the hottest open mics in Chicago called, " Trigger Warning" on Monday nights. Also co-producing a new comedy showcase called, " Exit Strategy" every Friday night at The Drop Lounge. Rodescu has performed all over Chicago at historic venues like Second City, Laugh Factory, Beat Kitchen ( Chicago Underground Comedy) and many more. Now as Rodescu continues to grow in his craft he has also started a Production Company named, " We Made It" Productions which will be releasing it's first project later in 2018.