Adrienne Brandyburg

Adrienne Brandyburg is a writer, actor, producer, and comedian hailing from Chicago. She has completed the Second City Conservatory program and currently co-produces a monthly variety show presenting women of color called B.A.P.S Comedy. Brandyburg has recently joined the SleptOn Creatives production company as an SO ambassador. She performs comedy all around the country and in her bathroom. Adrienne is focused on producing witty, original, and highly energetic content.


A native Clevelander, the self-proclaimed beer and beard aficionado, formally known as Rodescu Hopkins, (How'd a Black guy get this Romanian name, anyway?!) spent his childhood snapping photos, avoiding street fights, and wasting away in front of a PS4. 

It was at the age of 19 that he began his comedy career after dropping out of art/photography school. Since then he has told embarrassing childhood stories all over the country, and was a 2012 Cleveland Comedy Festival finalist. 

Having showcased his talents and paraded around in his unapologetic awkwardness at Hilarities, the Accidental Comedy Club, and Chicago’s Laugh Factory, Rodescu now runs two shows in Chicago, The Comedy Kickback and The World Comedy Federation. You can also catch him yelling into a microphone and chastising his deaf (not blind) cat on the 'Dude, That's Not What I Meant' podcast; available for the $free.99 every week on iTunes and Stitcher.